London Wisteria Purple Madness

The winter it’s not even gone and you start seeing white, cute groups of snowdrops in London’s parks and forests. Then come the daffodils and after that the graceful magnolia trees. You could spot some beautiful ones in Notting Hill in March. But this article is about the purple madness that the blossom of wisteria is bringing into town.

Wisteria is in full bloom in April, I know this article comes a little bit late, but I hope someone would find it useful for the next year’s season at least. From what I’ve learnt, different species could have white, yellow or pink flowers, but the most common/popular one have them purple. Wisteria grows in countries like the USA to China or Japan and Wikipedia mentions even a “water wisteria” growing in Bhutan, India or Nepal.

Needless to say that I absolutely love the (London) purple wisteria not only for the colour, but also for its delicate fragrance. I’ve recently went wisteria hunting and I’m happy to share with you my London Wisteria Map. I’ve mainly been to Kensington and Chelsea, but I heard some beautiful wisterias could be found in Notting Hill too. As you could notice from the map, you will not find the beautiful wisteria on big, crowded, noisy streets, but once you’ve turned on some small, quiet ones with mainly houses, it’s very likely that will soon spot one. And it’s cool that you could remark them from quite a distance because of their size and colour.

I hope you enjoyed the London purple wisteria madness. If you have any wisteria pictures that would like to share, please link them using the form below.

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